White Sands National Park Engagement Session | Zachary + Lyndsay

Zachary and Lyndsey booked us for a White Sands National Park engagement session. They are both native to Arizona but currently reside in El Paso, Texas where Zachary is active duty military.

We were so stoked when we heard they wanted their session at the White Sands National Park. Lyndsey had mentioned she fell in love with the white sand and we would have to agree with her. From the moment we got there, we were in love with the glistening white sand. It was as if we entered a whole new world the moment we entered the park!

We arrived at The White Sands National Park just in time for some stunning golden hour photos. Zachary and Lyndsey were so easy going and would get lost in each other’s eyes. They were so relaxed and in their element that it was so natural to photograph them. We thoroughly love when couples are adventurous and look for something new.

They had mentioned to us that they had eloped a few months prior due to Zachary’s active duty in the army and didn’t want to wait. They never got professional photos of their engagement or wedding ceremony so this way the perfect way to document this season in their lives!

Like any normal couple, they felt nervous getting their photos taken as this was their first time. We told them to not focus on the cameras, but on each other. Along with prompting them into moments, they really understood the assignment and allowed themselves to simply be just that… themselves. Zachary would whisper things in her ear to make her laugh and Lyndsay would embrace every moment of Zachary’s touch and gaze. It was so heartwarming to see these two connect in the way that they did. You can just tell that they love each other more than anything. They are the type of people we love to document!

We can not say enough about Zachary and Lyndsay! We adored their White Sands National Park engagement session so much and wish them the absolute best!

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White Sands National Park Engagement Session | Zachary + Lyndsay

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