Foxboro Ranch Estates Wedding | Munds Park, Arizona | Jake + Kate

We had such an amazing time capturing Jake and Kate’s serene northern Arizona wedding!

Jake and Kate Jake and Kate met in college at NAU. They are both from Phoenix and, oddly enough, later they even found out their parents went to college together as well. It’s funny how life can connect two soulmates before they’ve even met! It’s safe to say that fate was right about Jake and Kate being perfect for each other. Jake’s calming and reserved demeanor is the perfect complement to Kate’s fun-loving and magnetically wild personality.

All throughout the day, Kate’s eyes were alight at the sight of her bridesmaids, family, and friends enjoying her bubbly and excited self. They were never brighter, though than when she had eyes on Jake. Her smile grew wider and wider with every passing moment of Jake’s presence. As with Jake, he was in constant awe of Kate’s stunning glow!

The setting of their wedding was Foxboro Ranch Estates in Munds Park Flagstaff. A breathtaking lakeside log cabin (though it was more like a log mansion…that place was huge!) that is nestled in the mountains of northern Arizona. Accented by deep sky blue décor, the reception space offered an eye-catching color palette that created an elegant space for all guests to enjoy. The tall faux tree trunk that stretched from floor to ceiling in the center of the room was a unique feature that was certainly a focal point. It perfectly encapsulated Jake ad Kate’s love for the wilderness and adventure!

The ceremony space was just as unique. Jake, Kate, and their guests were surrounded by nature on a beautiful bridge overlooking the property’s private lake. It provided an immersive environment, as well as an intimate escape to watch them be wed.

After they said, “I do” and shared a passionate and joy-educing first kiss, everyone headed into the reception for cocktails and delicious food. Once the DJ started to play that funky music, the party was off! The dance floor shook with the footsteps of ecstatic guests dancing without a care. Jake and Kate were dead center together, soaking in the fact that they are forever husband and wife. Into the night, they enjoyed an incredible number of laughs, kisses, and smiles as they celebrated the beginning of their new life together. Kate can be heard in their video exclaiming “I can’t believe this is real!” after her first kiss with Jake. That statement rings true to the fact that this fairy tale wedding was, in fact, as real as she had dreamed!

So much love for these two!

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Vendors & Venue:

Venue: Foxboro Ranch Estates

Dress: Luv Bridal

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Foxboro Ranch Estates Wedding | Munds Park, Arizona | Jake + Kate

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