Salt River Engagement Session | Logan + Alexis

Logan and Alexis booked us for their Knotty Barn wedding and Salt River engagement session. When I say these two are adventurous, you’ll find out why!

These two shared a love for volleyball in college and had a long-distance relationship when they first started dating due to attending different universities. Alexis said that although it was the hardest thing they had to do as a couple, she mentioned that it taught them communication and how to prioritize their time with each other. Logan agreed that it definitely strengthened their relationship for sure. Most tend to throw in the towel but long distance isn’t for everyone, but these two made it through! 🙂

These two were so much fun to photograph. Logan would whisper in her ear in between poses to make her laugh and smile, it was the sweetest thing! Alexis would smile and he would look back at her like she is the center of his world.

During their session, Logan mentioned to me that he wanted to do something different for their engagement session and something no one has done for photos before. My ears perked up like a puppy about to get a treat lol! He asked if Alexis had a change of clothes, to which she said yes. He said he wanted to fall backwards into the river. Alexis was slightly hesitant but then agreed!

We finished up our session with their first outfit then headed to a spot on Salt River with their second outfit. They got in with their feet first, luckily the water wasn’t too terribly cold since their session was in May in Arizona. We did a few photos then went to a small ledge near the water. On Logan’s count of three, they held hands as they free fell into the water backwards! I absolutely love Alexis’ reaction just before they hit the water!

We took more photos in the water before finishing up. Alexis’ makeup didn’t smear a bit! I love how they were embracing each other throughout their session. It just made me that much more exciting to document their wedding day!

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Salt River Engagement Session | Logan + Alexis

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