Lost Dutchman State Park Elopement | Kyle +Brie’el | Apache Junction, Arizona

Hey there, lovebirds! Grab a comfy seat and get ready to dive into the extraordinary love tale of Kyle and Brie’el. We’re about to spill the beans on their totally rad elopement at the stunning Lost Dutchman State Park in Apache Junction, Arizona. Picture this – a morning filled with promises, surrounded by the breathtaking desert landscape, and an adventure at Top Golf in between. If you’re all about doing things your own way and injecting heaps of fun into your big day, this one’s for you. Join us as we unravel the magic of a Lost Dutchman State Park elopement that’s as unique as the couple it celebrates.

Breaking Traditions with a Morning Ceremony:

Alright, love rebels, let’s kick things off with a twist! Kyle and Brie’el threw tradition out the window and opted for a morning ceremony that was nothing short of magical. Picture the soft hues of dawn, the desert sun playing peek-a-boo, and these two lovebirds exchanging vows in a setting straight out of a fairy tale – that’s how they rolled.

No waiting around for the sun to set; this dynamic duo decided to

make the most of the morning glow at Lost Dutchman State Park. We’re talking about a ceremony that wasn’t just about saying “I do” but doing it their way. Custom vows, heartfelt promises, and a vibe that screamed,

“This is us!” – that’s what set their morning ceremony apart. So, if

you’re thinking about breaking free from the norm, embracing the early light, and making your vows uniquely yours, take a cue from Kyle and Brie’el’s playbook. It’s your day; why not start it on your own terms?

The Magic of Lost Dutchman State Park:

Now, let’s talk about the jaw-dropping canvas for Kyle and Brie’el’s love story – Lost Dutchman State Park. This place isn’t just a backdrop; it’s a character in their tale. Imagine red rocks, cacti standing tall, and a backdrop that’ll make your heart skip a beat. Lost Dutchman didn’t just witness their vows; it became a silent storyteller in their love saga. For couples eyeing an Arizona elopement, this park is a hidden gem waiting to make your special day even more spectacular.

Top Golf Adventure – Recreating the First Date:

Alright, buckle up for some extra fun! Kyle and Brie’el decided to shake things up between the “I do’s” and the dance floor. Ever thought about recreating your first date on your wedding day? Well, these two did exactly that, hitting up Top Golf for a laughter-packed adventure. It wasn’t just about swings and misses; it was a celebration of their journey, a nod to where it all began. So, if you’re down for some pre-reception play, take a swing at the idea – it’s a hole-in-one!

After the “I dos” and a round of golf, it was time for a breather. No rushing from ceremony to reception; Kyle and Brie’el took a chill pill at Top Golf. Picture this – a laid-back interlude, the sun kissing the horizon, and the couple soaking in the joy. So, to all you soon-to-be-weds, consider hitting pause between the vows and the party. It’s like a mini-vacay within your big day – and who wouldn’t say yes to that?

Evening Reception Extravaganza:

As the sun dipped below the desert skyline, the evening festivities kicked into high gear. Kyle and Brie’el, surrounded by loved ones, continued the celebration. The reception? An extravaganza of joy, laughter, and love. From decor that screamed personality to entertainment that kept the vibe alive – their evening reception was a party like no other. So, if you’re dreaming of an evening bash that’s all about you, take notes. It’s your time to shine!

Easy-Going & FUN:

Now, let’s talk vibes. Kyle and Brie’el weren’t just about a ceremony and a party; they embodied easy-going, fun, and love that radiated. Their personalities set the tone for the entire day – relaxed, spontaneous, and filled with love. So, to all you couples out there, remember this: your wedding day is YOURS. Be unapologetically you, laugh a little louder, and dance like nobody’s watching. Because, in the end, it’s the love that steals the show.

Ready to have your own unique day?

And there you have it, lovebirds – the incredible love story of Kyle and Brie’el’s Lost Dutchman State Park Elopement. A morning ceremony, an adventure at Top Golf, and an evening reception that echoed their personalities – it was a day unlike any other.

As you embark on your own journey towards “I do,” remember this: your love story deserves to be told uniquely, just like Kyle and Brie’el did. Whether Lost Dutchman State Park calls your name or you’re dreaming of your own unconventional twist, let this be an inspiration to embrace the extraordinary.

Curious to know more about turning your wedding day into a masterpiece? We’re here to help capture those magical moments. Fill out our contact form to dive into the world of Arizona wedding photo and video. Let’s make your love story unforgettable, just like Kyle and Brie’el did. Because when it’s all said and done, your love deserves to be celebrated in a way that’s entirely, authentically, and unapologetically yours. Let’s make it happen!


Ceremony Location: Lost Dutchman

Hair: Braids By Ellie

Makeup: Makeup By Velvet

Wedding Dress: Mariee Bridal

Florals: Florals By Kris

Rentals: The Event Co

Catering: Tacos El Buen Gusto

Signage: Hog & Cotton

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Lost Dutchman State Park Elopement | Kyle +Brie’el | Apache Junction, Arizona

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