What To Wear For Your Engagement Photos

Congratulations on your engagement!! We’re assuming this since you’re here reading this, and we’re elated to have you! Being engaged was one of our favorite seasons in life. We are Arizona wedding photographers and videographers and have photographed over hundreds of couples in this sweet season of engagement! We’ve put together this guide on what to wear for your engagement photos to help you plan your engagement session with the best outfit inspiration. Our hope is that your session feels like you, both as individuals and as a couple.

Bride to-be playfully tossing her dress as she shares a romantic kiss with her groom-to-be.

Think Movement

During posing, we love to get you and your partner moving and having fun! With that, wearing clothing that compliments movement is always a plus! Think flowy dresses, long skirts, and longer blouses. This adds an extra flare to your photos and makes your outfits stand out more!

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Coordinate, Don’t Match!

What we mean by this is to pick a color scheme rather than matching colors! Choose a scheme that best fits your vibe and the look/feel you’re going for. We personally feel you could never ever go wrong with neutrals! Colors like cream, ivory, brown, nude, black, white, tan, etc are all timeless colors and will always look good. Below are some of our favorite color palettes! Use the color palette you choose as inspiration for finding clothing pieces.

PRO TIP: When choosing a color scheme, keep it simple! Use 3-4 colors. White and black is also a great addition to any color scheme!

Play With Patterns

A true way to show your personalities is using patterns in your outfits! Whether one of you or both of you wears a pattern, there’s a way to have them coordinate and not clash. The best way to do this is to pick a pattern with complimentary colors to your partner (think grade school art class), or pull colors from the pattern and have your partner wear those colors. Patterns add even more interest to your photos and allow your style to shine!

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Location, Location, Location!

Choose a location that best fits your personalities! If you want to have your photos taken at the laundromat where you first met, or the froyo place where you had your first date, do it! The photos will tell your personal story through the location you choose if it’s meaningful to you both.

A huge thing for us: dress for the season! Wearing something that’s not meant for the weather that day will result in you being uncomfortable. We are very fortunate in Arizona to have great weather year-round! However, we do experience some warmer days and sometimes even colder temps in the fall/winter months. We highly recommend choosing your outfits based on the season so you can feel good and not worry!

If you choose a location that requires hiking or is along a rocky trail (which most desert locations are), wear comfortable and appropriate shoes! You can at least wear them until we get to our spot and then change into your shoes for your photos.

Second Outfits

We recommend bringing two outfits to your session! We always bring a pop-up changing tent with us to every single session! This makes it super easy for you to change into a second outfit, especially when there’s no public restroom around! So please, bring a second outfit! This allows you more freedom to choose what kind of clothes you want to wear, without having to settle on just one. We recommend wearing a casual outfit first and then changing into a dressier outfit (if you have that) for the second.

PRO TIP: This is always a perfect excuse to go out on a date afterward because you’ll already be dressed up! Make a fun date night out of your evening celebrating getting your engagement photos done. Win-win!

Personalize Your Session

Bring any or all of these to add more fun to your session!

  • Your dog(s)!
  • Funky sunglasses
  • Guitar/Instrument
  • Blanket
  • Picnic
  • Florals (real or faux)
  • Favorite food (like pizza!)
  • Skateboards
  • Champagne
  • Vintage car/motorcycle

Hair + Makeup

A great tip is to schedule your wedding hair and makeup trial with your stylist for the day of your session! This puts your trial to great use because you’ll see exactly how it’ll look in your photos on wedding day! If you don’t have a trial with your stylist, no worries! Here are some hair and makeup artists our clients have used in the past and have had great experiences with!

Superstition Makeup Co
Bella Bridal Beauty
Sedona Beauty Team
Le Beige Beauty
Makeup by Ashley Wagner

True To You

This is the one thing we hope you take from this guide on what to wear for your engagement photos: stay true to yourself. If you’re not into dressier outfits and want to go all casual, do it. If you want to wear matching sports jerseys, do it. Choose outfits that best reflect your personalities and who you are as a couple!

Enjoy this season in your lives. It goes by way too fast even if it feels like the wedding day is forever away. We are excited for you two to tie the knot, whether we are your vendor team or not!

Wishing you all the best.

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What To Wear For Your Engagement Photos

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